Smart Tool to Get Back Deleted Photos from Sony Memory Stick

If you want to get back your data from memory stick in a matter of minutes then opt for digital media recovery utility. The use of this utility provides one step solution ffor recovering all types of media files like audio, video, photos etc. Get the free demo version today!!

The memory stick is one of the best removable flash memory card developed by Sony. It is used as an ultimate digital storage device in various electronic gadgets like mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, etc. Many people prefer using Sony memory stick to store photos and other media files in various devices because of its interesting features like high storage capacity, highly reliable security for data saved in it, good file transfer speed with USB 2.0 interface, etc. Like other devices, you may expect data loss even from these Sony memory stick due to various reasons like human mistake, improper handling, etc.

One Real Time Scenario to Consider: Hi friends, I am using a memory stick in my camera and it contains many audio, video, photos, etc. in it. When I was about to capture the natural pictures in front of me, I found that my memory card is almost full. So I decided to delete some old videos from my device while doing this task I unknowingly deleted image folder. Now, I am getting annoyed for my carelessness. If any of you have come across this sort of situation and got to know how to undelete pictures from Sony Memory Stick, then please suggest me the way you recovered your photos.

Well, deleting photos from Sony memory stick is a common issue faced by many Sony memory stick users, but do not be tensed. It is easily possible to restore deleted images by using digital media recovery tool. This application can easily recover all types of media files like audio, video, photos safely and securely without causing any damage to the other files as it is hassle free. Let me tell you few common scenarios faced by most of them before explaining the detailed procedure on how to recover deleted pictures from Sony Memory Stick.

Scenarios that cause deletion of pictures from Sony Memory Stick:

  • Improper Cut Paste Method: When you connect the camera containing Sony flash memory card to the system for storing files so that you gain space to add new data to the memory card, you select all media files and hit on cut option. But, before pasting it to the PC if power failure happens then you may lose all pictures and video files from the memory card.
  • Unintentional Formatting: You may unknowingly format the Sony memory stick connected to the system instead of formatting the partition that was inaccessible. This formatting will result in loss of all media files including precious pictures.
  • Antivirus Scanning: When your Sony Memory Stick gets virus infected, then you might scan the card using Antivirus tool. During scanning process, if the tool finds any infected file, then it will delete without any notification.

Once you end up with deletion of any file from the memory card, stop clicking new pictures or downloading videos because adding new file will permanently erase deleted images and other media files from the memory stick. Hence, make use of experts suggested tool named digital media recovery soon after deletion happens as it provides the perfect solution on how to recover deleted pictures from Sony Memory Stick.

Excellent Features of Digital media recovery software:

Digital Media recovery is an amazing tool that can easily restore deleted images from Sony memory stick in a couple of mouse clicks. It not only recovers deleted images from Sony memory stick, it also helps to recover deleted files from Kingston, Transcend, SanDisk, and many more brands of Memory Stick. This application has a powerful scanning engine that scans the entire device to rescue all types of files formats like JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP etc. on both Windows and Mac based system. With the aid of this application, you can even get back images from the hard drive and various external storage devices like USB flash drive, pen drive, thumb drive, memory stick etc. This restoration utility is capable enough to retrieve all images that are deleted from various brands of cameras such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and many popular digital cameras. Thus this software can successfully recover media files from Olympus camera which is the most fastest and high quality camera to snap pictures related with sports and adventures. You can make use of demo version provided by this software to know how to undelete pictures from Sony memory stick. You can also preview the recovered files and check the performance of the toolkit. If you are satisfied with the outcome then you can go for the licensed version and save all restored files.

Steps to retrieve Sony Memory Stick photos after deletion:

Step 1: Connect Sony Memory Stick to the computer using card reader. Download and install free demo version of digital media recovery software and run the application, then you will get a welcome screen with three options. Among them, select “Recover Photos” option as shown in Figure 1.

Undelete Pictures from Sony Memory Stick - Main window

Figure 1: Main window

Step 2: Select “Recover Deleted Photos” option, as soon as you press the option the next screen will appear.

Undelete Pictures from Sony Memory Stick -  Select Recover Deleted Photos

Figure 2: Select Recover Deleted Photos

Step 3: From this window choose the drive from which you want to recover deleted photos as shown in Figure 3. Tap on Next button and the software will start to undelete pictures from a Sony memory stick.

Undelete Pictures from Sony Memory Stick - Select Sony Memory Stick

Figure 3: Select Sony Memory Stick

Step 4: Once you have got all recovered images, use “File Type View” option to view all recovered photos as shown in Figure 3.

Undelete Pictures from Sony Memory Stick - Preview Screen

Figure 4: Preview Screen

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