Want to retrieve files lost from removable media drive???

Restoration of files from removable media drive can be done in few clicks using Media data recovery software. Easily recover your digital files from all the other storage devices such which includes USB drives, thumb drives, pen drives, FirWire drives etc. Download the demo version for free and verify the results in simple clicks.

With the growing popularity of removable media drives, the possibility of losing your valuable media files from it has also increased. Important media files like photos, music files, and videos can be deleted/lost from the removable media at any instance due to any possible data loss scenarios. Some scenarios happen due to user mistake and some other occurs without the user’s knowledge. You lost your cherished moments that you had captured in several pictures and videos due to some unknown reason. Everything you had been saving in your 1TB Transcend pen drive since the moment you bought it. But when you connected the pen drive to your computer, you encountered an error message saying, “You need to format the drive before you can use it”. Being aware of the fact that drive may get formatted when you clicked cancel, it says “H is not accessible”. Your 800 GB stuff has become inaccessible to you due to some unknown reason. You must have entered a state of nausea and wondering whether you could ever get you cherished memories back!!!

Don’t panic!!! Data in the removable media is only inaccessible not lost forever. Still there are chances of recovering the lost media files. But the first thing you need to do is to keep the Transcend pen drive unused. By doing this you will be avoiding the overwriting of inaccessible media files. The next step has to be the usage of removable media data recovery software. This software is repeatedly tested and reviewed by the Shareware experts and is considered as one of the best digital media recovery tools. You can also get here the best software to recover lost data from SD card on Windows 8.

Now you must be wondering about the root cause of the scenario you experienced. The reason why the pen drive is throws an error message while being accessed that is file system has become RAW. This might have happened due to some of the following reasons:

Sudden Power Failure: If there is an accidental system shut down due to sudden power failure when the removable media drive is connected to the computer, then the file system may get damaged. This can cause severe damage to the file system of the removable drive thus making it RAW and inaccessible.

Virus Attack: The file system of the pen drive might have been corrupted due to virus attack. Using the same removable media device in different computers makes it prone to virus attack. Once it gets infected with deadly viruses then it becomes totally inaccessible and hence leading to severe media file loss.

Improper Ejection: Removing the pen drive from the computer when it is not manually dismounted, can even cause damage to its file system. Abrupt removal of the removable drive when the files in it are still being used can make its file system RAW. Thus the entire removable media becomes inaccessible and throws error message when tried to be accessed. But the recovery software can access files from the corrupted media card. You can get this software, through this link - https://www.digitalmediarecovery.net/files-from-corrupted-card.html.

You can also lose the data from the removable media by selecting yes option in the error message. If you click on yes option the removable drive gets formatted and formatting cleans all data from it. If you do not have proper data backup you will lose data from the removable drive in such cases. Other than file system corruption, accidental deletion is also a leading cause of file loss from removable media. Any important data from the portable media drive can be deleted accidentally by the user. But the deleted file recovery is possible from the removable drive and you can visit here to get back deleted photos from iPod.

Removable media recovery software is capable enough to restore data lost due to any of the above reasons. It supports data recovery on various removable media drives like Compact Flash Card, Memory Stick, Multi Media Card, ATA Flash Card, USB external drives, pen drives and many more. Media files from SD card can be lost due to accidental system shut down or sudden power failure. This software allows you to execute SD card media recovery to retrieve lost pictures or videos from it in such cases. This software helps you to recover data from almost all popular digital media devices both in Windows and Mac OS X. Data on Mac can be lost due to accidental deletion, formatting or improper device usage. Media files lost on Mac OS X can be retrieved using this software by media recovery on Mac.

You can also perform Kingston media recovery from SD card after accidental deletion ,virus infection, format error & file system corruption. Other than SD card this software also helps you to retrieve files lost from smart media cards. Smart media cards mainly use flash memory chips and should be carefully handled. Therefore, improper handling can cause data loss from the media card. In such scenarios, this software helps you to retrieve lost media files by performing Media card file recovery. You can check and evaluate the recovery results by using the demo version of this software.

Video files are the most popular form of media files that are used for better communication or for training purpose. Sometimes while accessing the files the user might accidentally end up in deleting them. There is no need to worry! Click on this link and get to how the recovery process is done.

The procedure to restore data from removable media is explained below in details:

Step-1: Connect the removable media to your computer through USB port. Then download and install the demo version of removable media data recovery software on the hard drive of your computer. After successful installation of the tool, click on “Recover Photos” from the main window and then select “Recover Lost Photos” from the next window to recover lost media files

Digital Media Recovery - Welcome Screen

Figure A. Main Screen

Step-2: After that select the removable media as the logical drive and click on “Next” option to initiate file recovery process. Once it gets completed, you can preview data recovered by the software and can evaluate the recovery result

Digital Media Recovery - View Recovered Media Files

Figure B. View Recovered Media Files

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