Media Recovery on Mac

You can get back your digital media files by taking assitance of that has been deleted or lost due to uncertain reasons. Install the free trial on Windows as well as Mac platforms in a hassle-free manner.

What you must have felt when you lost the .mov file that contained a video where you put a fair amount of effort into? You gave your laptop to your friends to watch the interesting video you have created. However, you really got screwed up when they managed somehow to delete the video file. You did not even know why the video file is missing neither any of them are able to explain it. You have checked the Trash also, but you could not find it there too. They might have deleted the .mov file unknowingly, but you need that file badly. Now being unaware of the real cause of data loss as well as the proper solution, you must be going really crazy!!!

Don’t worry!!! It is possible to recover the .mov video file completely despite of the data loss scenario provided the lost files should not be overwritten. This is because; whenever a particular file is deleted or lost, only access to that file is removed. That is why the operating system fails to find it. But the file remains on the hard drive of your computer unless some new file is written in its place. Therefore, it is really important to retrieve the lost file as soon as possible. You can easily do all this things by using Mac media recovery software. This is the perfect read-only recovery tool you are looking for. It does not affect the original content of the media file during the recovery procedure and thus ensuring a safe and risk free recovery process.

It is really necessary for you to know the common scenarios that cause media file loss on Mac OS X. A brief knowledge about these scenarios can help you to avoid them in the future.

Catalog file corruption: Catalog is used to maintain and manage Mac file system. The catalog files especially their nodes are used to access a particular folder or files in it. However, the file or entire file system becomes inaccessible if the catalog file or its node is corrupted due to any reason.

Deleting files from Mac Trash: Media files on Mac can be lost after removing them from Mac Trash. The files deleted on Mac OS, are generally stored on Trash. However, you can restore the deleted file from Mac Trash by restoring it or dragging it out of Trash. But you cannot access them if you have accidentally emptied the Trash by clicking “Empty Trash” option of using commands on Mac. In such scenarios you need to use Mac media recovery tool.

Storage device corruption: Media files like pictures, mov videos or mp3 music files from Mac can also become inaccessible due to corruption may it be Mac hard drive corruption or external storage device corruption. The corruption can occur due to various reasons like power failure, virus attack, improper system shutdown, software malfunction, unreliable third party utility etc.

Loss of media files from external devices: You may lose media files on Mac operating system from removable media devices like media cards, external USB drives, flash drives etc. while it is connected to your Mac computer. This can happen due to accidental deletion, formatting or improper device usage. Media Files deleted from any removable media will not be stored in Trash. Therefore you will have to use data recovery utility to retrieve the lost Mac files

The media files lost on Mac OS due to any of the above data loss cases can be easily retrieved using Mac media recovery software. It has separate version available that enables you to recover media files on Windows operating system also. The software is designed with powerful scanning algorithm to search and locate the lost media files and finally recover them. It allows you to retrieve media files lost from various digital media devices. This allows you to recover media files from SD card that are lost after accidental formatting or virus attack. You can rescue different types of media files of various file formats by using this software. Other than SD card, this software is capable enough to retrieve digital photos, music files and videos from media cards like CF, MMC, Smart Media card, etc. Files on smart media card should be carefully handled, and hence can be lost due to improper device handling. In such scenarios, this software helps you to restore media card data.

Removable drives are also widely used to store favorite media files. This is because; the removable drives are portable and can retain data even without power supply. However, the media files can be lost due to improper ejection or accidental system shutdown. In such a scenario, this software enables you to execute removable media data recovery. You can check the effectiveness of this software and the recovery chances as well by using its demo version. In order to restore photos from Windows 7 operating system you need to obtain Windows version of this software. It also recover photos from Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus and many popular digital cameras on both Windows and Mac OS X.

The detailed process to retrieve media files on Mac OS is as follows:

Step-1: Download and install demo version of Mac Media recovery tool on that part of the hard drive that does not contain the lost media file. After launching the software, select any option form “Recover Photos” from the welcome screen to restore the lost .mov video file. Then select the appropriate option that suits your data loss scenario.

Digital Media Recovery - Welcome Screen

Step 2: Now, select the corresponding logical drive from which you need to recover the video file and click on “Next” option to start the media file recovery process. You will be able to view the media file recovered from Mac hard drive along with the original details.

Digital Media Recovery - View Recovered Media Files

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