Kingston File Recovery

Make use of the USB file recovery software for resolving all your digital files in matter of minutes. You can also retrieve files from different types of SD card such as SDHC, SDXC and mini SD card with this software. You can download the USB demo todaoday itself!!!

Kingston USB drive is a popular storage device used by most of the people. Kingston also manufactures SD cards, CF cards, USB flash drives and so on. You can store numbers of files on it as it has huge storage capacity. Different types of media files like videos, songs, images, graphics, etc. can be stored in this drive. Not only media files you can also store other types of files in it. But Kingston USB is prone to corruption & you cannot spare it from corruption. Sometimes while using Kingston USB drive you may encounter some error message on the screen which may force you to format it. You can be free from error & it will allow you to add & save new data in it but it will result in loss of files from the drive. You may be wondering if you can perform Kingston media recovery. Don’t be disheartened!!! You can retrieve media files because when file is lost from the USB drive it remains intact in some parts of the drive only entries to the allocation space gets removed. So you can easily recover media files from Kingston USB.

Facts responsible for loss of files from Kingston USB are:

  • If you were transferring files from Kingston USB drive to your system & at that time if power surges then files from the drive may get erased. Or if you remove the drive abruptly from the system while copying files then also your USB drive may get damaged & you cannot access media files.
  • While removing an unwanted file from Kingston drive using “Delete” option, you may delete an important file accidentally. When you opened the Recycle Bin then you cannot find the file as it bypasses the Recycle bin & removed from the system forever unless restored by recovery tool.
  • Kingston USB drive may display as RAW when the drive gets corrupted, unable to recognize its file system hence  you cannot access files from it
  • Other reasons like file system corruption, storing large number of files more than actual capacity, using unreliable software, etc.

Media Recovery software  can be used to recover media files with utmost ease. It can also restore other types of files from Kingston USB drive & also other products of this without much worry as it is recommended by professional experts. Often it mmay happen that you have deleted videos from system by mistake & then blaming yourself for mistake. In such cases you can make use of digital media recovery tool to get back those video files. Click here to know the process of video file recovery. You can also retrieve files from different types of SD card such as SDHC, SDXC and mini SD card with this software.  You can also run this software & retrieve media files on Mac & Windows Operating system.  You can also recover media files from different types of storage devices like external hard drive, iPod devices, flash memory card, Fire wire drives, etc.

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Carry out the easy steps to recover media files from Kingston USB drive:

Step-1: Connect Kingston USB drive to your system & then launch the program.Then welcome screen will appear you need to select “Recover Photos”. Then choose either “Recover Lost Photos” or "Recover Deleted Photos" as shown in Figure & then move to next step.

Kingston Media Recovery - Welcome Screen

Step-2: Select the USB drive from the list of available drive and then click on “Next” option to start the recovery program.

Kingston Media Recovery - Select Memory Card

Step-3: Once process of recovery is completed you can view the list of restored media files.

Kingston Media Recovery- View Recovered Media Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7) and
Mountain Lion (10.8) & Mavericks Users