Retrieve Files Deleted from a Flash Drive

Get the good asistance of the effectual software for retsoring your digital files from Flash Drive in few clicks. Download the card recovery software by following the simple steps and view the recovered files with complete ease. You can use the software on other storage devices as well.

Flash drives are basically employed to store the data in a portable mode. Flash memories are USB, memory cards that are used for standard data mass storage. This memory is so compatible that it can be used with each device (with those device having the flash drive ports). Alternatively, it is supported by each OS as well, whether it is Mac, UNIX, Linux or Windows and also with devices having USB ports (the drawback of the the flash drive is that it losses files which is a very common scenario. Get the best way to recover files from the flash drive.

Other than that Flash drives are much faster, reliable and compatible than other storage devices like CD-RW or DVD-RW, floppy disk, etc. The storage capacity of the the flash memory is high as it can store data from 2 GB to 1 TB until date. It provides the fastest access to the data stored in it. Flash memories are readable by Xbox 360 (video games), PlayStation, DVD players, Desktops, Laptops, etc. Smartphones are also having Flash memory supportive features. Flash drives are prone to data loss but there is an option i.e. to use the removable media data recovery software which extracts the data from it.

The drive consists of an electronic chip, metallic chip for connection, and cabinet. Nothing special mechanism is used to make the drive. Logically they are just similar to partitions of hard disk. Flash drives have headers which contain the access information of each file inside it. The file system is yet another part of the the flash drives (which is as similar as hard disk’s partitions). Card is having such structures but have you come across the situation where you need to recover the files from your memory card? Explore here the solution for this problem.

A problem of losing photos, audios, videos, etc. from storage device is very common to occur. Though the the flash drives has almost every features which a good storage device must have,still it can’t skip file deletion from the devices. Even normal file deletion may result in great loss of files from Flash drives. There are instances where file loss occurs from the flash drives. What are the instances and what are the reasons why this deletion of pictures may occur is mentioned in below paragraph but before that you can try this

File loss scenarios are as follows:

Note: The scenarios which are mentioned here are based on the analysis performed for them.

Few programs are intentionally designed to enter your system and make damages. They are generally known with the term viruses. The attack of the virus could be from unreliable sources like infected USB drives, internet, external hard disk usage, etc. When these viruses enter your system then they result in deletion of files very easily. Power surge and fluctuation caused in the system can also delete files, meanwhile transfer of files is going on. Abrupt ejection of connected the flash drives from system could be yet another reason for files loss. Other than this there are many more reasons which could delete files from your the flash drives and you might be knowing about it. If you are willingly formatting the drives then all the data in drive will be deleted apart if you are not then this could result in severe files loss.

The mentioned scenario indicates that if users follow these conducts then files loss is for sure. If there are benefits then there will be loss too. No worries you still have a chance to recover deleted files from the flash drive! How? By making use of highly advanced recovery tool called as Digital Media Recovery Software, you can easily get to know how to retrieve files deleted from a the flash drive. This recovery application is specially designed and built with advanced features to restore files deleted from the the flash drive.

Highlighted Features of Digital Media Recovery Software

Digital Media Recovery is a perfect and highly rated tool to recover deleted files from the flash drive. This recovery application provides simple, easy and quick recovery process to undelete files from the flash drive. It has strong scanning programs that effectively perform deleted file recovery from the flash drive. This tool has an ability to recover various file types including images, videos, music, Word files and more. Using this application, you can even recover files from a corrupted or formatted the flash drive. It has user friendly interface that guides you how to retrieve files deleted from a the flash drive. It is among the finest and most reliable tool to recover deleted files from the flash drive. Other than the flash drive, your can also get back deleted images from Sony memory stick, system internal and external HDD, CF cards, iPods etc. within few clicks of mouse. Using this effective recovery application, you will get to know how to retrieve files deleted from a the flash drive on popular versions of Windows and Mac OS. Once done with the recovery process, it allows you to preview the recovered files before restoration.

How to retrieve files deleted from a Flash Drive using this tool?

Step 1: After installing the software completely, launch it and get the “Main Screen” to start the recovery process. Press next button after selecting the “Recover Photos” option.

How to Retrieve Files Deleted from a Flash Drive  - Welcome Screen

Figure A. Main Screen

Step 2: Select “Recover Deleted Photos” option, as soon as you press the option the next screen will appear.

How to Retrieve Files Deleted from a Flash Drive  - Recover Photos Screen

Figure B. Recover Deleted Photos

Step 3: Select the “Memory card” from the screen and press the right arrow button placed on the right most corner of the screen.

How to Retrieve Files Deleted from a Flash Drive  - Select Memory Card

Figure C. Select Flash Drive

Step 4: Finally, your files will be recovered from the drive & you will be able to “Preview” the recovered files.

How to Retrieve Files Deleted from a Flash Drive  - View Recovered Media Files

Figure D. Preview Screen


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Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7) and
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