Do you want to get pictures back from the computer?

Quickly recover your deleted images that has been lost or deleted from different file formats such as RAW, JPG, PSD, GIF, TIF, PNG, etc. The data recovery software can easily recover files from media card of different brands in a secure way.

Pictures are referred by different people in a different way such as photo, images, photograph, etc. However, pictures are the one which generates from digital camera or camcorder. Images remind of the memorable incident of one's life. Pictures are stored in computer so that you can preview them nicely in a screen. But what if images get erased from the system all of a sudden? Even a small mistake done by you can lead to loss of pictures. Just take an example, you may click on ‘Shift +Delete’ option to delete a file which result in loss of pictures from the system bypassing recycle bin. ‘How can I find deleted pictures on my computer?’ This question might be crawling up in your mind. Will you be able to get back deleted pictures from computer? You must be thinking what to do.

Don’t worry!!! Deleted pictures are recoverable, simple deletion never erases picture completely from the system in one shot. You can recover them back using digital media recovery tool. But you should be careful; you should not add new files. Because once hard drive is overwritten you will not be able to get back those missing files.

Some reasons that may lead to loss of photos from computer:

  • If due to any reason file system of hard drive gets corrupted then it affects pictures that are saved on your system and thus leads to deletion of the file from that drive.
  • You may select & delete wrong partition while repartitioning in which you had stored your  favorite pictures.
  • Your pictures may also get deleted if the power surge happens when you are transferring photos
  • The third party tools on your PC which make use of your image files may sometimes accidentally end up deleting your files.
  • If you delete a pictures or pictures folder whose size is 10% of your recycle bin then it bypass recycle bin and gets erased from the system.

Using Digital media recovery tool is the best solution ever to get back missing files from the computer hard drive or any other storage device. It is specialized photo recovery software which can be used to recover deleted pictures from computer whatever may be the reason for the loss. It can also be used to find deleted images of different file formats such as RAW, JPG, PSD, GIF, TIF, PNG, etc. It can recover files from media card of different brands. Go to  to know image file recovery from Kingston & other brands like SanDisk, Sony, Transcend, HP, etc. You can also get back files from media card of different types such as SD, XD, CF, MMC & so on using this software within few clicks. It also facilitates preview of recovered pictures before recovery. It provides image file recovery of specific images on the basis of unique signatures. This software is also executable in Windows as well as Mac Operating System. To recover files from Mac machine you can use Mac version of the software.

Procedure to find deleted pictures from my computer:

Step1: Select "Recover Photos" from the main screen after launching the Digital Media recovery tool. Select "Recover Deleted Photos" from the next screen then move to next step.

How Can I Find Deleted Pictures On My Computer - Main Page

Step2: Now select hard drive from which you have lost pictures from the list of available drives & then start the recovery process.

How Can I Find Deleted Pictures On My Computer - Select Drive

step3: After the recovery process is over, you can view the list of recovered images.

How Can I Find Deleted Pictures On My Computer - View Recovered Media Files

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