How to Recover Deleted Photos from Windows 10?

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“Hi, since the first time when I started to use my computer, I used to store all my precious photos in one specific folder on it. After upgrading to Windows 10 also, I continued the process of timely adding new photos into that folder. Now, I cannot simply explain what happened to that folder yesterday. I merely wanted to rename that folder. But my action ended up in the deletion of that folder completely from my system. It was totally my mistake that I didn’t care about the way which I chose to delete that folder. If I had used Delete button instead of Shift + Delete, I would not lose that file. Since I don’t have any backup of those photos, the only possible option before me is to find deleted photo recovery software for Windows 10 which is capable of restoring all my precious photos on that folder without missing single one. I am sure about some of you can help me. Suggesting any way for recovering deleted photos on Windows 10 will be very helpful for me. Thanks in advance. ”

Windows 10 is the latest OS released by Microsoft which comes with advanced applications like Photo App, Camera App, etc. for handling photos stored on your computer. You can easily organize and enhance your personal photos using these kinds of tools. However as the ease of handling your photos increases on a Windows system, chances for accidental photo deletion can also increase. It is also valid for Windows 10.

There are various reasons that contribute to the deletion of photos from a Windows 10 computer as listed below:

  • Unintentional Deletion of Photos: You may accidentally erase your vital photos from your Windows 10 computer while using various applications such as Photos app, Camera app or even OneDrive app. Use of Shift+ Delete key after selecting files on Windows Explorer is still persisted as one of the main instances of this accidental deletion.
  • Use of Cut+ Paste for Transferring Photos: Interruptions can happen during data transfer irrespective of whether it is happening between two different devices or between two partitions on the same hard drive. Suppose, you are using Cut + Paste option to transfer photos on your Windows 10 to external devices. It can result in the deletion of photos being transferred if you are abruptly ejecting that external device from your computer. Forced System Shutdown during transfer of photos can also result in such a photo loss on Windows 10.
  • Other Reasons: Photos may also get erased from your Windows 10 computer due to numerous other reasons like Emptying Recycle Bin, Command Prompt Deletion, Use of unreliable third party tools etc.
  • If you have accidentally deleted pictures from Windows 10 that carry important moments of your life, then don’t worry and don’t hesitate to use deleted photo recovery software for Windows 10. Many of you may be still thinking that use of such a tool can result in the permanent loss of such photos, even though this belief is completely false. Just use the free version of Digital Media Recovery tool and evaluate its results. Only if you are satisfied with its results, you have to purchase the full version of this tool for restoring deleted photos from Windows 10. 

    Note: Memory Stick is a flash storage device introduced by Sony for various cameras and camcorders. Just like a computer, photos can also get deleted from a Memory Stick. But its time span is very short. Using Digital Media Recovery tool, you can undelete pictures from Sony Memory Stick in a straightforward approach.

    Know Some Features of this Digital Media Recovery Tool

    • You can “Save Recovery Session” on this tool to avoid rescanning of a drive for deleted photos.
    • Recovered photos using this tool can be sorted on the basis of various attributes of photos like its name, size, extension, and modified date.
    • This tool can also be used for recovering deleted images from various flash memory cards produced by prominent brands. To recover deleted images from SanDisk memory card using this tool, you don’t have to ask help for any technical geeks.  
    • You can use this tool not only for Windows 10 deleted photo recovery but also for erased photo recovery to retrieve photos from Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and so on.
    • Deleted Digital RAW photos captured using top camera brands can be recovered with the help of this tool.
    • With the help of this tool, you can perform picture recovery from hard drive brands such as Seagate, Toshiba, WD, Transcend, etc. without any hassle. Here’s more details about this topic to get a better understand.
    • This deleted photo recovery software for Windows 10 supports the recovery of all popular types of images files such as JPEG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, and much more.

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    Steps to Recover Deleted Photos on Windows 10

    Step 1: Download and install the free version of this tool on your computer by clicking “DOWNLOAD NOW” button. After downloading, launch the software by double clicking on its desktop icon. The Home screen of this tool will now appear as shown in Figure 1. For your purpose, you have to select “Recover Photos” Option from it.

    Deleted Photo Recovery Software for Windows 10- Home Screen

    Figure 1: Home Screen

    Step 2: A screen with two recovery choices will be displayed as in Figure 2. Here, you have to select “Recover Deleted Photos” since you have deleted photos from your computer.

    Recovering Deleted Photos on Windows 10 - Select Recovery Method

    Figure 2: Select Recovery Method

    Step 3: In the next screen, you will see a list of drives/partitions as in Figure 3. Select your drive from which data has got erased.

    Restoring Deleted Photos from Windows 10- Choose Drive

    Figure 3: Choose Drive

    Step 4: After a deep scanning, the recovered data will be displayed. You can sort the recovered files on the basis of “File Type View” as well as “Data View” as displayed in Figure 4.

    Windows 10 Deleted Photo Recovery - Recovered Files

    Figure 4: Recovered Files

    Step 5: If you are satisfied with recovery results, you can purchase the full version of this tool to "save" recovered files as shown in Figure 5.

    Deleted Photo Recovery Software for Windows 10 - Save Files

    Figure 5: Save Files

    For Leopard (10.5) and
    Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

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