How to Compress Media Files?

Usually lots of videos, photos and music files are saved in a digital format. The result can be a huge file and uses lot of memory on the computer or hard drive to which it is saved. Therefore, files are compressed, made smaller by removing some of the data. This is called “lossy” compression i.e., without any significant loss of quality.

You can get lot of benefit from compressing media files. You can save memory space on your storage drive and improve playback performance. As, you all know that due to file size limit, files greater than a special size can’t be uploaded. If a file must be compressed to make it much smaller than its original format, the result sometimes may not only be perceptible but can actually make the picture quality so bad that the video is unwatchable or the music is flat and lifeless.Compression can be either lossy or lossless where Lossless compression reduces bits by identifying and eliminating statistical redundancy. No information is lost in lossless compression. Lossy compression reduces bits by identifying unnecessary information and removing it.

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When you compress your media files, not only you save disk space, but you also save time and effort when accessing and sharing your files. No longer will you have to wait a long period of time for a video to open or get frustrated when trying to attach a file to an email.

Advantages of Media File Compression

Storage space – Smaller files mean less space for storage and files can be compressed up to 1/100th of the original.
Electricity – Every dollar spent on storage need to spend on cooling therefore, if you save on storage, you can save on cooling.
Viewing – Before viewing, media files no longer need to be downloaded because they are now able to open while they are being downloaded.
Transmission time – Not an issue on Uploading and Downloading since, it takes only 1/10th of the time it would normally take.

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To Compress Media Files, Remo MORE software is the best application you can think of. This too is developed with a robust algorithm which compresses media files without any data loss. This software has a very attractive user interface which gives special look to this software and assists you to interact easily. The best thing about the software is it doesn’t modify the content of the original file. MORE provides you a facility by which you can set destination to save compressed files. Remo MORE software allows you to compress media files on internal hard disk and also on any other external storage media. You can compress media files and create ZIP folder in USB drives, SD cards etc. It supports compressing media files on all the latest versions of Windows Operating System at free of cost.

Steps to Compress Media Files:

Step 1: Download and install the demo version of the software on your computer. Select “Manage” option from Welcome Window for Compressing Media Files. From the next Window choose “Compress and Burn” option.

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Fig 1: Select Compress and Burn option

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Step 2: Then click on “Create New Rzip file” option.

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Fig 2: Select Create new Rzip File

Step 3: After this specify the name and location of the zip file and select “Compression Method”.

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Fig 3: Select Zip File Name and Compression Method

Step 4: Now add the Media files which you want to compress and click on “Compress” button to compress it in .rzip format. After the accomplishment of the file compression process you will receive a success message.

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Fig 4: Slect File and Choose Compress Tab

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