Recover 3GP Video Files

Easily download the trial version of the software in order to get back the 3GP videos in a secure way. Besides, you can take assitance of the utility in restoring MPEG videos, DIVX, MOV clips with complete ease.

Did you lose or delete 3GP video files from the mobile phone or from any other storage device and are you in seek of 3GP video file recovery software? Here is the best solution for your search. You can easily retrieve 3GP video files by reading this article. So, enjoy reading...!

3GP file format is a multimedia container format, which is popular among mobile phone or smartphone users. It is supported by mobile phone, digital cameras, camcorders and many more. They are used on 3G mobile phones but can also be played on some 2G and 4G phones. Most of the movies on the internet are of 3GP file formats. People can download and save them on their phone memory or on a SD card plugged in the phone for watching directly. Though mobile phone provides, people generally store their lots of 3GP video files on memory cards or on computer's hard drives. Along with its ease of use, there are many drawbacks with 3GP video files and makes it difficult for the user to restore 3GP video files when they lose or delete due to some unfavorable conditions.

Consider a scenario, your friend might have lots of collection of movies, which is of 3GP format. Seeing that, you connect your mobile phone to the system to transfer those movies to your SD Card that has been inserted in the phone. While transferring the movies from computer to mobile phone, sudden power surge occurs. When you turn on the computer and phone after the incident to continue the transfer process, you were shocked to find that the 3GP video are no where to be found! In this type of situations, people will obviously get irritated and panics! Don't worry as here is one of the best Digital Media Recovery software to get back 3GP video files which are lost due to some interruptions. It can also perform media recovery on Mac and Windows latest versions.

This is not the only situation where you may lose or delete the 3GP video file. There are many such circumstances for the loss or deletion of 3GP video files that are explained below:

  • Accidental Deletion of 3GP Video File: Usually accidental deletion happens when the user is in hurry. While deleting some unwanted files from the mobile phone or any other storage device, by mistake user selects the 3GP video file folder along with it and press” Delete All” button. This may result in deletion of 3GP video files.
  • Virus Attack: Sometimes, viruses come from the internet when you download some media files or some data. While downloading 3GP video file from your mobile phone through internet, it might have virus and all other 3GP video files on the mobile phone get lost due to this virus attack and may lead to loss of 3GP video files.
  • Unintentional Format of memory card or any other storage device: You may accidentally format your memory card or any other storage device where 3GP video files were saved resulting in loss of valuable 3GP video files.

Whatever may be the scenario for the loss or deletion of 3GP video file, you don’t have to worry. By making use of Digital Media Recovery software, you can know how to recover 3GP video files in just 3 or 4 steps. This effective software is capable of recovering lost or deleted 3GP video files due to any of the above scenarios. It can also have the ability to recover M4V files within a short span of time. 

Features of Digital Media Recovery Software:

Digital Media Recovery is the advanced media file recovery software, which is recognized and recommended by most of the industry experts to perform 3GP video file recovery. This software supports to restore 3GP video files and also recover MPEG videos, DIVX, MOV clips etc. This software has a built-in scanning algorithm to perform accurate scanning to recover 3GP video files which are lost and other lost media files like pictures, music, and videos. It has a strong inbuilt recovery engine to recover files from corrupted media card like XD, SD, CF, and so on. It allows you to view the recovered files and check the quality of recovered videos with the use of preview option.

Follow simple steps to recover 3GP video files :

Step-1: Select “Recover Photos” from the main page to restore 3GP video files from any storage device. Choose either "Recover Deleted Photos" or "Recover Lost Photos" to perform 3GP video file recovery.

Recover 3GP Video Files - Main Screen

Step-2: After selecting the recovery option, you can select the drive to recover 3GP video files & then click next to start the recovery process.

Recover 3GP Video Files - Select Drive

Step-3: Once the recovery process is completed, you can view the list of restored 3GP videos by using "Preview" option.

Recover 3GP Video Files - View Recovered 3GP Videos

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